How Javascript Libraries like Jquery can Slow Down Your Blogs/Websites

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Avoid Jquery Smooth Running of Your Site !!

Everybody ,including me,uses Javascript libraries (like Jquery) in their Blogs.These Libraries do enhance the User Experience and reduces the amount of work required for plug-ins as these libraries acts as the back bone for them.

Well to be Javascript libraries are those collection of pre-coded to perform certain function.There are many other libraries like Prototype,MooTools, Ext Core, JsPHP etc  the most commonly used library is,as you all know, Jquery. 

But with the Pros they offer they also have Cons.

That is ,in simple words,when you load these libraries they load a large file which contain codes which your blog needs at that time.Plus it also loads Extra Junk files with them which may not be used by your blog.

As their name suggests,they are libraries ,the place from which you can borrow code for smooth running of your blog.

According to GiftofSpeed  these types of libraries have 95% unused codes.

I need them.I cant avoid it.

When you are in such a dilemma you can go for the smaller versions.That is, Jquery offers both full and minified versions.So just try with minified version,

If you are lucky enough you wont have any trouble in loading your blog.Your blog will load without any clutter.
You can use following simple tips to load your javascripts with less effort.

  • Always place Javascript Snippets at bottom. i.e. Just before </body> tag
  • In places where you want Jquery library at the top(for Example ,in some lazy load plugins).Always load javascriptsasynchronously. just add async to the code<script async src="example.js"></script>
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Test Your Responsive Design Using Chrome Developer Tools - Quick Tip

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Is your blog Responsive?If its not,you are far behind the race buddy.The whole world is turning responsive.Even the Search bots are ranking those blogs with responsive design with a much better rank.

So today in this post,we'll be showing you a Quick Tip to check the responsiveness using Google Chrome's Developer tools.

Its Easy As 1 2 3

1.Right Click on the site to be tested and choose Inspect Element.Or You can press F12 on Windows or Cmd+Alt+l on  Mac
2.Now Click on the mobile Button

3.Select the Screen Resolution or the Device
Advanced : You can even Configure the network option to check How fast your site loads with a particular Network Configuration

4.You are Done !!

You can also check this in Firefox

Just Click the Inspect Element and click on the "Window like button".Voila !! There you go You are done. 

So I'm Wrapping  Up

So here you have a great tool to help you to reduce the efforts and extra plugins to check the cross device  compatibility (or simply responsiveness) of your website or blog.
How is your Experience ?Share it with us as Comments below.
*Image Credits - pixabay

Adding Open Graph:Social Metadata in Blogger

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Facebook has introduced OGP as their own  mark-up language in past (in about 2010). This helped  the Facebook to understand things properly from different point of view. By applying these tags in your blog or site, we can mark / Specify the necessary data's which should be shown when shared in the Facebook or other Social websites.
Google plus have already started using it and the twitter is also trying to integrate OGP with their Site for being more relevant in nature.

Windows Phone Responsive Design Bug Fixed for Blogger

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Windows phone had created a boom in the whole world with its awesome metro style.It was a revolutionary move int the segment which shook the world around.Now each and every Designer is minimalist as seen in the windows Phones.

December 2013 PR Update :An Unexpected Blow from Google

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After a long time (exactly after 10 months) Google had updated their page ranks .This was a surprise for many webmasters .They had rolled out their page rank update on 6th December 2013.It surprised me as well as  it was unexpected.

Choosing the Right Domain Name [Infographic]

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Finding Right target !!! 
It is hard to withstand the challenges in this ever changing society.It becomes more serious when it comes to the business aspect.One most possess all the potential to win against all the fellow competitors.For that we should be equipped in over all.
Here comes the importance of one's online presence.The domain names have a greater role to play in this,So choosing the best domain name possible is the best solution.

Here is such an Infograph Highlighting the steps to be take before choosing your perfect domain.Have a look at it.

How to Choose a Domain Name [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Hope this would help you to buy the Right Domain name. Please comment and share if you liked it. 

Source:Who Is Hosting .You can Even Download this infographic.
Photo credits -Littlemisspurps


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