Facebook has introduced OGP as their own  mark-up language in past (in about 2010). This helped  the Facebook to understand things properly from different point of view. By applying these tags in your blog or site, we can mark / Specify the necessary data's which should be shown when shared in the Facebook or other Social websites.
Google plus have already started using it and the twitter is also trying to integrate OGP with their Site for being more relevant in nature.
Windows phone had created a boom in the whole world with its awesome metro style.It was a revolutionary move int the segment which shook the world around.Now each and every Designer is minimalist as seen in the windows Phones.

After a long time (exactly after 10 months) Google had updated their page ranks .This was a surprise for many webmasters .They had rolled out their page rank update on 6th December 2013.It surprised me as well as  it was unexpected.

Finding Right target !!! 
It is hard to withstand the challenges in this ever changing society.It becomes more serious when it comes to the business aspect.One most possess all the potential to win against all the fellow competitors.For that we should be equipped in over all.
Here comes the importance of one's online presence.The domain names have a greater role to play in this,So choosing the best domain name possible is the best solution.

Here is such an Infograph Highlighting the steps to be take before choosing your perfect domain.Have a look at it.

How to Choose a Domain Name [Infographic] by Who Is Hosting This: The Blog

Hope this would help you to buy the Right Domain name. Please comment and share if you liked it. 

Source:Who Is Hosting This.com .You can Even Download this infographic.
Photo credits -Littlemisspurps

Mobiola web camera using pc

Not everyone could have webcams still now in this world so in this tutorial I will give you software which can help you to use your mobile phone’s cam as webcam to chat on yahoo or Skype.

Mobiola Web Camera 3

Turn your camera phone into a high quality wireless (WiFi or Bluetooth) or wired (USB) web camera. Mobile phone as webcam with Mobiola Web Camera 3

Main Functionality
  • Transforms your mobile phone into a high-quality PC webcam.
  • Connects mobile phone to PC using USB, WiFi (select models) and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Blackberry Storm supported (USB connection).
  • Wi-Fi support for Blackberry phones.
  • High Video transmission speed.
  • Screen Capture functionality, when device screen can be demonstrated on PC real-time.
  • Cool video effects. Have fun and impress your friends!
  • Works with Skype and many others as standard USB webcam.
  • Compatible with Symbian S60 and UIQ, Windows Mobile 5 and 6, Blackberry.
Mobiola Web Camera 1.0 consists of two software components:
(1) A client applicatoin that resides on the phone.
(2) A webcam PC driver compatible with any Windows application that can receive video feeds from a web camera. Carry your webcam with you wherever you go and connect it to your laptop at anytime, no wires necessary.


Suggestion:-“Using your mobile cam as webcam may be a good idea especially when you need a cam 2 cam chat in areas where only internet connection is available without webcams.”

Check Out this alternative way in the video below.

Today there are lot of methods to display your code snippets in a webpage or in your blog.One of them is Google code Prettify .It is easy to implement, use and ofcourse to reconstruct.

Various Themes for Google Code Prettify can be found in the Official Page  .But they are so common that even an infant has it in his/her blog !!

In this post I would like to share my new finding out in the Web.This was made by jmblog.I think these would be very helpful to make your blogs more awesome.

You can visit Official Page  for more Detailed instruction on How to Install and Use it .(If you find any difficulty please let me know .I will try to blog about it next time.)

Here is a quick video to add Prettify

Making It More Prettier with Themes

Here are some nice themes to pop up your Blog

Hemisu Dark

Hemisu Light

Vibrant Link


Tomorrow Night

You can get more Tomorrow themes here
  1. Tomorrow
  2. Tomorrow Night Eighties
  3. Tomorrow Night Bright
  4. Tomorrow Night Blue

How to do it? 

You need to just replace the CSS file after downloading your favorite theme CSS file
(Replace the Highlighted code which you had added during the installation of Prettiffy) 

Hope you liked this post .Please comment if you know more themes.All the credits Goes tojmblog